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Caribbean Journal: Antigua and Barbuda Yachting Industry Gearing Up for Winter Season

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Antigua and Barbuda has been open for tourism since June, and the country’s ever-popular yachting industry is gearing up for the winter season. 

Even better? The country is planning to run all of the high-profile yachting events its calendar, including the RORC Caribbean 600 and Antigua Sailing Week, among others, according to the Antigua and Barbuda Marine Association. 

“The Ministry of Tourism has been leading a concerted effort in partnership with other government agencies, particularly the ministry of health, to devise specific protocols and guidelines for our marinas and port of entries,” said Tanny Rose Jr, Yachting Cruise & Marine Development Officer at the Ministry of Tourism. “A major imperative is training for all stakeholders. Taxi drivers, yacht workers, restaurant and bar staff as well as vendors have all participated in health protocols workshops. The series of training exercises are intended to ensure that our frontline ambassadors and our visitors can safely enjoy the world famous unique and authentic Antigua and Barbuda experience.”

The ABMA says the country’s docks are well-booked for the winter season. 

That’s along with a number of marine service businesses, eateries, stores and yacht services that are ready for what officials hope will be an influx of boats that have already set sail for the Caribbean this winter.

“Antigua and Barbuda is undoubtedly the perfect year-round destination, to safely sail or charter a yacht, with your family and friends. Choosing our distinctive space in the sun, is choosing twin- islands with consistently ideal sailing conditions, powder white sand beaches, fabulous local dishes, and a spirited cultural environment,” said Donyelle Bird-Browne, Senior Business Development Manager for the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority. 

You can find the full updated yachting calendar for Antigua and Barbuda here. 

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