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Russia’s Disintegration Unlikely, But Descent Into Chaos And Civil War Isn’t – OpEd … Neo-Nazi group march in Wisconsin with swastika flags … How Shakespeare’s first folio was put together – ‘They LOST half of his plays!’ … US business elite welcomes Xi Jinping with standing ovation – Financial Times

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The Russian Federation is unlikely to disintegrate the way the USSR did, Andrey Yakovlev says. The non-Russian autonomies simply don’t occupy the position now that the union republics did in 1991, and the Russian regions are certain that they would lose more than gain if they sought to go their own way.

But, the economist formerly at HSE but now at Harvard says, the possibility that Russia could descend into chaos and civil war as parts of the elite struggle over yet another redivision of property are all too real (

Unfortunately, Yakovlev says, the US and the EU have not figured out what to do with Russia even if it loses in Ukraine and have not recognized that if things are left where they are today, Moscow will seek to take revenge and because of its nuclear stockpile will have more freedom of action than anyone wants to move against other targets, including Europe.

Moreover, up to now, the West has failed to understand two key realities: the future will be made at least in part by those who are part of the Putin regime, and the opposition to them will not have a chance to succeed unless there are clear signals from the West about what they and Russia will gain if the war in Ukraine ends and Moscow changes course.

“If Western politicians do not begin to think about what will happen next, then there will be no reason to count on good variants in Russia,” Yakovlev argues. And the longer the West puts off such a formulation of a strategic vision for Rusia, “the greater the probability of very bad scenarios regarding security in Europe.”

Everyone needs to understand that “in the Russian elite are not only sane people but also players like the late Prigozhin;” and the numbers of the latter may increase in the event of chaos or a radical shift without clear preparation by the West. Moscow may try to salvage the situation by moving in the direction of North Korea, but that only delays but does not prevent chaos.

According to Yakovlev, the Russian economy has sufficient resources to last for another two years before some kind of crash; but he says that he has a bad feeling that “the cut-off point will take place in March 2024. Before the elections, there likely won’t be any obvious repressions against the current elite or any military escalation. But after that …”

After the voting, with what he believes is a new mandate and expects to face declining Western support for Ukraine, Putin will try to take Kyiv and use a new mobilization at home to do it, the analyst says, steps that will likely be accompanied by significant changes in the elite and the redistribution of property.

Unless the West gives a clear signal to the “sane” part of the Russian elite that it will lift sanctions if the latter take certain steps, the chances that they will move against Putin and his plans will remain small, putting Russia on course to repression and then collapse and violence, Yakovlev continues.

What is especially important here is that Yakovlev says what few others do: the threat that Russia will fall into chaos and civil war will come not from national or regional secession efforts but because of the inherent problems of the Putin system and conflicts within it over power and property.  

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The Russian Federation is unlikely to disintegrate the way the USSR did, Andrey Yakovlev says. The non-Russian autonomies simply don’t occupy the position now that the union republics did in 1991, and the Russian regions are certain that they would lose more than gain if they sought to go their own way. But, the economist formerly at HSE but now at…
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On November 19, President of the Republic of Iraq Abdullatif Jamal Rashid arrived on an official visit to the Republic of Azerbaijan
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 Michael Novakhov’s favorite articles on InoreaderIDF lookouts said they saw unusual activity along the Gaza border before the October 7 attack, but their commanders told them to stop bothering them, report saysposted at 11:49:12 UTC by Lindsay Dodgson via Business InsiderPalestinians take down the fence on the Israel-Gaza border and enter Israel after…
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Around 20 people carried Nazi flags and walked up to the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin, before heading to James Madison Park for a neo-Nazi rally.
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Представители прокуратур из Австрии, Аргентины, Германии, США и Франции прибыли в эти выходные в Израиль с целью содействия в расследовании атаки боевиков ХАМАС из сектора Газа, совершенной 7 октября.
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No deal reached yet on hostage release: Netanyahu  CGTN
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GBNews published this video item, entitled … Read More
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US business elite welcomes Xi Jinping with standing ovation  Financial Times
NPR News: 11-19-2023 7AM EST
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Could Israel have waited longer to start its war in Gaza? Subscribe to GZERO on YouTube: Sign up for GZERO Daily (free newsletter on global politics): On GZERO World, Ian Bremmer asked former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak if Israel had fallen into a trap in the way it’s…
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Al-Qassam Brigades says it eliminated 6 Israeli soldiers in Gaza city  Anadolu Agency
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Ankara’s interests in military jets not limited to Eurofighter, says …  Anadolu Agency

Family and friends already held burial ceremony last week for girl whose twin brother, aunt and grandfather were also murdered in Hamas attack The post Remains of 12-year-old Oct. 7 victim Liel Hetzroni identified appeared first on The Times of Israel.
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In ‘brigade-level raids’ in refugee camps near Jenin, Nablus, IDF detains suspects, seizes weapons caches, explosives, firearms; 200 killed in West Bank since October 7 The post West Bank: 2 Palestinians reported killed, 38 arrested in overnight operations appeared first on The Times of Israel.
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Alleged ‘two Michaels’ spy imprisoned in China to sue Canadian government  The Telegraph
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The Biden-Harris campaign hits GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley’s abortion stance, claiming she’s “no moderate.” “She’s [Haley] an anti-abortion MAGA extremist who wants to rip away women’s freedoms …,” the campaign said in a statement.— The Hill (@thehill) November 19, 2023
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By Nidal al-Mughrabi and James Mackenzie GAZA/JERUSALEM (Reuters) -Hamas militants battled Israeli forces trying to push into Gaza’s largest refugee camp on Sunday and Israeli air strikes to the south
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ЦАХАЛ сообщил жителям Дараджа, Туффы, Шеджайи и Джабалии, что они должны эвакуироваться из этих районов к 16 часам воскресенья. Решение было обосновано тем, что “оставаться там опасно”, сообщает NBC News. The post Израиль призвал жителей четырех районов Газы покинуть их к 16 часам first appeared on The News And Times –
Mystery dog illness sparks alarm across US as vets race to uncover cause  Geo NewsDogs Are Getting Sick And Dying From A Mystery Illness In Several States  HuffPostMystery dog illness causes respiratory problems, possible death  UPI NewsMystery fatal dog illness spreads across U.S.: Are there any cases in New York?  SILive.comView Full Coverage on Google…
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Donald Trump Demands Extreme Loyalty: It’s Starting to Backfire  Rolling Stone
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Palestinians take down the fence on the Israel-Gaza border and enter Israel after clashes and attacks in Gaza City, Gaza on October 07, 2023.Anadolu Agency/Getty ImagesIDF lookouts warned their commanders about activity along the Gaza border, according to reports.They were ignored, told to stop bothering them, and even threatened, N12 reported.One lookout…
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“We don’t have any family in the business, and we kind of need a path for succession.”
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King’s Speech 2023: Foreign affairs and defence – House of Lords …  House of Lords Library
Hikmet Hajiyev – assistant for the foreign policy of the president of Azerbaijan in his interview with said that Azerbaijan wants regional security, according to Azerbaijan in Focus, reporting Turan. “We want to build a new regional security architecture based on justice, recognizing each other’s territorial integrity and sovereignty,…
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In a statement made on November 18 during the autumn session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly in Yerevan, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan revealed that Armenia and Azerbaijan have reached a consensus on the fundamental principles of a peace agreement, according to Azerbaijan in Focus, reporting Turan. Pashinyan acknowledged both positive…
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‘Waves’ of Russian drones attack Kyiv for second night in a row  The Star Kenya
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