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Russian hacker group “Killnet” declares cyberwar on Israel


ALBAWABA – the Russian hacker group known as “Killnet” has officially declared a cyberwar on Israel. The group announced its intention to launch a widespread cyberattack targeting various government systems within Israel.

In the latest developments related to the ongoing conflict in Gaza, several significant events have unfolded.

Israeli military radio said that Palestinian fighters have “infiltrated” Israel from Gaza and seized military bases as photos and videos went viral online showing Hamas fighters on vehicles inside Israel and others paragliding into Israeli territory.” />

The Palestinian resistance has initiated a fresh wave of missile attacks, targeting Israeli locations. Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missile system has been activated in an attempt to intercept these projectiles. additionaly, U.S. officials are contemplating the announcement of an emergency military aid package to Israe.

The White House confirmed that President Joe Biden has informed Prime Minister Netanyahu of additional aid forthcoming to Israel in these challenging times.

In a move to bolster regional deterrence, U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has ordered the aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford to the Eastern Mediterranean.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken emphasized the United States’ commitment to taking all necessary measures to prevent the outbreak of another war front, including addressing concerns related to Hezbollah in Lebanon.

According to the Palestinian Health Ministry, the toll of casualties in Gaza continues to rise, with 370 individuals reported killed and over 2,200 wounded as a result of the ongoing hostilities.

In another development, a rocket fired from Gaza struck Netafim, a town in Israel, causing injuries among its residents. Israeli Channel 12 reported on the incident.

Iran’s Foreign Minister criticized Israel for its persistent attacks on Gaza, labeling them as violations of United Nations resolutions and heightening the risk of a broader regional conflict.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is reportedly conducting an assessment of the situation at the Defense Ministry in response to the evolving crisis.

Officials from Qatar and Egypt have agreed to intensify their collaborative efforts aimed at de-escalating the conflict in the region.

Hamas, the Palestinian political and military organization, responded to the recent movement of a U.S. aircraft carrier, urging the U.S. administration to consider the potential consequences of this action.

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