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Russia bans ‘international LGBT movement’ for ‘extremism’

  • Pope Francis, who cancelled his trip to the United Nation climate talks due to flu, urged participants Thursday to reject “vested interests” and focus on the common good.”May participants in COP28 be strategists who focus on the common good and the future of their children, rather than the vested interests of certain countries or businesses,” he said in a statement posted in English on X, formerly Twitter, as the Dubai conference opened.

  • “The repeated attempts to undermine our democracy are unacceptable,” the state’s attorney general said.

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  • Finland’s prime minister said Tuesday the country will shut its last border crossing with Russia, following an influx of migrants which Helsinki claims is a hybrid attack orchestrated by Moscow.The Nordic country, which shares a 1,340-kilometre (830-mile) border with Russia, has seen a surge in undocumented migrants from third countries seek asylum on its border with Russia in November.

  • Rescuers scoured waters off Japan on Thursday for seven missing US Air Force personnel whose Osprey crashed during a training exercise, in the latest incident involving the tilt-rotor military aircraft.US Air Force Special Operations Command said eight crew had been aboard the CV-22B Osprey in the “routine training mission” out of Yokota Air Base in Japan.

  • Eddie Howe criticised the decision to award PSG a stoppage-time penalty after Newcastle fell just short of a famous victory in Paris

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  • China on Wednesday presented the United Nations Security Council with a four-point plan for Middle East peace in a demonstration of its ambitions to be a global superpower. China has had little role in negotiations over the Israel-Palestinian conflict, which have been largely monopolized by the United States for decades. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told the council that the war shows the urgent need for a Palestinian state alongside Israel.

  • During oral arguments in SEC v. Jarkesy, the conservative majority seemed open to an argument that the agency had overstepped its enforcement authority.

  • Far-right Dutch leader Geert Wilders suffered a major setback to his goal of forming a governing coalition Wednesday when a key potential partner ruled itself out, uncomfortable with his extreme views.But the NSC and its popular leader Pieter Omtzigt said Wednesday it did not see a way of working with the PVV unless it clarified the more extreme parts of its manifesto.

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    Context changes everything

  • When delegations from Moscow and Kyiv met in Belarus for secretive peace talks weeks after Russia invaded Ukraine, it took Ukraine’s lead negotiator less than an hour to lose hope.”Russia has never rejected peace talks with Ukraine.

  • Gunners can still top group with win against RC Lens tonight

  • A Russian soldier pleaded for supplies and said his regiment suffered 1,000 deaths in just 10 days in Donetsk, according to a video shared by Ukraine.

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  • The president made a plea to avoid giving Hamas “what they seek” in a message from his personal X account.

  • Singapore faces a surge in anti-Singapore sentiments on social media, with Home Affairs and Law Minister K. Shanmugam attributing the rise to perceptions of the country as pro-West or pro-Israel following the Oct. 7 attack by Hamas in Israel. In a recent statement on Nov. 27, Minister Shanmugam revealed that comments expressing anti-Singapore sentiments have…

  • Authorities in India’s western state of Gujarat are investigating the deaths of three people after they allegedly consumed a contaminated medicinal syrup, state government and police officials said on Thursday. The deaths took place over the last three days in the district of Kheda, district collector KL Bachani told Reuters. The syrup may also have caused two more deaths in Kheda in the past few days but this has yet to be confirmed, senior state government officials said.

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  • Alistair Darling, the UK finance minister when the 2008 financial crisis hit, has died at the age of 70 following a “short spell” in hospital, his family said on Thursday.Darling died “after a short spell in Western General Hospital under the wonderful care of the cancer team”, it added.

  • The Fox Business host made a cringey transition after a right-wing media report about the hostage’s family.

  • Nearly 200 nations agreed Thursday to launch a fund to support countries hit by global warming, in a “historic” moment at the start of UN climate talks in the oil-rich UAE.
    The landmark announcement came as the Emirati host of the COP28 talks declared that fossil fuels must be part of any final climate deal negotiated over the next two weeks.The talks in Dubai come at a pivotal moment for the planet, with emissions still rising and the UN on Thursday declaring 2023 on track to become the hottest

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  • India’s main opposition Congress party is likely to win two of five state assembly elections while it is in close contest with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ruling nationalist party in two heartland states, TV exit polls showed on Thursday. The state elections are seen as a big test of Modi’s chances of winning a third term in a national vote due by next May. More than 160 million people – or about one-sixth of India’s total electorate – were eligible to vote in the regional polls, which were held in four legs ending on Thursday.

  • The Red Cross, which has faced criticism for not doing enough for hostages and prisoners in the Gaza conflict, stresses it has no “superpowers” and relies on the warring parties for access.The International Committee of the Red Cross, founded 160 years ago to serve as a neutral intermediary between belligerents in conflict and to visit and assist prisoners of war, has been accused by both sides in the Israel-Hamas conflict of not providing adequate help to those being held.

  • Visiting US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told Israeli leaders on Thursday that a temporary truce in their war with Hamas was “producing results” and should continue.”So this process is producing results.

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