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NJ Sen. Robert Menendez approval rating dives to 6% … Who is Sen Bob Menendez? How is Egypt linked to his scandal? – The New Arab … Egypt’s al-Sissi Called Early Elections to Save the Country’s … – Haaretz

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While voter turnout is expected to drop, it’s too early to predict by how much and whether it will be enough to provide al-Sissi proof that he has public support to carry out the painful but necessary economic reforms

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Sep 29, 2023 POTUS #DOJ DOJ #FBI FBI #CIA CIA #DIA DIA #ODNI ODNI #News #Times #NewsAndTimes #NT #TNT Putin Russia #Putin #Russia #GRU GRU #Israel Israel #World World #USA USA
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— Michael Novakhov (@mikenov) November 21, 2023

Senator Menendez, Egypt, and the Gaza War
Anti-Menendez campaign was a part of the larger package of preparations for the October 7, 2023 Gaza Pogrom (or Revolt) by Russia, and one of its purposes was to blacken Egypt in the public eyes.…

— Michael Novakhov (@mikenov) November 21, 2023

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— Michael Novakhov (@mikenov) November 21, 2023

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NJ Sen. Robert Menendez approval rating dives to 6% as Tammy …  Oil City Derrick
A day at a time – POTUS #DOJ DOJ #FBI FBI #CIA CIA #DIA DIA #ODNI ODNI #News #Times #NewsAndTimes #NT #TNT Putin Russia #Putin #Russia #GRU GRU #Israel Israel #World World #USA USAThe News And Times |…— Michael Novakhov (@mikenov) November 21, 2023
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#SenatorMenendezSenator Menendez, Egypt, and the Gaza War Anti-Menendez campaign was a part of the larger package of preparations for the October 7, 2023 Gaza Pogrom (or Revolt) by Russia, and one of its purposes was to blacken Egypt in the public eyes.…— Michael Novakhov (@mikenov) November 21, 2023…
posted 19m ago by @mikenov via (@mikenov) / Twitter POTUS #DOJ DOJ #FBI FBI #CIA CIA #DIA DIA #ODNI ODNI #News #Times #NewsAndTimes #NT #TNT Putin Russia #Putin #Russia #GRU GRU #Israel Israel #World World #USA USAThe News And Times |…— Michael Novakhov (@mikenov) November 21, 2023
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New Jersey mayor subpoenaed in criminal probe of Menendez: report  The Hill
Federal prosecutors probing Menendez over luxury gifts: report  The Hill
Sisi discusses economic cooperation, regional crises with high-level …  Ahram Online
Christie rules out running for Menendez’s Senate seat  The Hill
Israel threatens to step up strikes on Gaza terror groups as border heats up  The Times of Israel
Menendez indictment opens door for crowded Senate primary  The Hill
These lawmakers are washing their hands of Menendez’s PAC money  The Hill
How The Situation In Congress May Affect Israel’s War With Hamas …  i24NEWS
Egypt’s difficult questions in the Gaza war  Mada Masr
US Aid to Egypt on Hold Amid Israel-Hamas War  Bloomberg
Kim would be a Disaster for the American – Israel Alliance  InsiderNJ
Watch live: Sen. Menendez to deliver remarks on the Israel-Hamas War  The Hill
Why Egypt Leaves Palestinians in Gaza to Die  Tablet Magazine
70 percent of New Jersey residents want Menendez to resign: poll  The Hill
Putin and Zelenskiy Face a Decisive Winter War  Bloomberg
No Light Between the U.S. and Israel’s Wartime Policies  Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

“One of the creeping hands of totalitarianism running through the democracy is the Federal Bureau of Investigation… Because why does the FBI do all this? To scare the hell out of people… They work for the establishment and the corporations and the politicos to keep things as they are. And they want to frighten and chill the people who are trying to…
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The FBI has devolved into our dystopian version of the Gestapo and KGB. Maybe they were always this corrupt and lawless, but covered their tracks better. J. Edgar Hoover was a cross dressing tyrant who had dirt on every important person in the country. Wray and his apparatchiks clearly were involved in an active coup against Trump and unequivocally…
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NBC News has cut ties with a Palestinian freelancer who was arrested in Israel on suspicion of inciting terror and identifying with a terrorist organization. Mirvat al-Azzeh, who lives in East Jerusalem, was jailed Thursday after sharing four recent Facebook posts regarding Hamas’ sneak attack on Israel on Oct….
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Brooklyn state Sen. Kevin Parker has been accused of raping a woman who was working with him to coordinate relief efforts for Haiti nearly 20 years ago, according to a new lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed in Brooklyn Supreme Court on Friday by Olga Jean-Baptiste, who alleges the then-first-term state legislator…
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This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form.AMY GOODMAN: This is Democracy Now!,, The War and Peace Report. I’m Amy Goodman. To talk more about the dire situation in Gaza, we’re joined by Muhammad Shehada, a writer and analyst from Gaza, chief of communications at Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor and a columnist…
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The “improper” behavior a top city official recently informed the FBI of centers on claims City Hall staffer Rana Abbasova tipped colleagues to “delete” their text exchanges hours after the feds raided her New Jersey home, a source close to the investigation into Mayor Adams’ campaign told the Daily News on Monday. The source, who spoke only under…
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WASHINGTON ― Senators unanimously passed legislation last week that would cut off U.S. security aid to Azerbaijan for the next two years amid growing concerns that it may invade southern Armenia in the near future.The Senate passed the Armenian Protection Act by unanimous consent with little fanfare on Wednesday. The bill, introduced by Sen. Gary Peters,…
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Finland is among three European countries that have restricted or are looking to tighten their borders with Russia, which they accuse of weaponizing asylum seekers by sending them to the frontier without proper documents.One expert told Newsweek that the Kremlin was seeking to test Helsinki’s resolve after it agreed to closer military co-operation…
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Live updatesLive updates, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh says ‘approaching truce’ with Israel as number of dead in Gaza exceeds 13,300. Hamas chief says truce deal is “approaching”; reports suggest possible three- to five-day pause in fighting. Health ministry says all hospitals in northern Gaza are now out of service.
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China has become the latest target of derisive attacks in a Russian state media broadcast following a meeting between Chinese leader Xi Jinping and U.S. President Joe Biden.”We are ahead of China in terms of military technology,” Vladimir Solovyov, a prominent Kremlin propagandist and staunch ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, said during a recent…
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Putin calls for closer Russia-China cooperation on military satellites …  Stars and Stripes
Putin Ally Lashes Out at China  Newsweek

The Palestinian resistance group stressed that the captives’ release would come in exchange for “the release of Palestinian prisoners from the occupation prisons.” Hamas is “close to reaching a truce agreement” with Israel after submitting its response on the deal to the Qatari mediators, the Palestinian group’s chief Ismail Haniyeh told Reuters…
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SaveIn December 2021, Israel’s military said a high-tech upgrade to the barrier that had long surrounded the Gaza Strip would protect nearby Israeli residents from the threat of violence from militants.“Today there is an obstacle, both underground and above, with advanced measures, that will prevent entry into Israel in the best possible way,” Brig….
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Watch again as David Cameron was introduced to the House of Lords on Monday 20 November, following his appointment as foreign secretary. He is now known as Lord Cameron of Chipping Norton, as the territorial designation for his peerage was confirmed last week. The former prime minister was elevated to the House of Lords after being appointed to…
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NPR News: 11-20-2023 1PM EST
posted 19h ago by NPR via NPR: Hourly News Summary Podcast

The first group of premature babies who were evacuated from the hospital in Gaza crossed into Egypt for medical treatment, according to footage from the Egyptian government. Keep up with the latest news from around the world: #News #Reuters #newsfeed #videonews #topstories #topnews #Israel #Israelis #Hamas #Palestinians…
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2023-11-20T17:51:29ZU.S. President Joe Biden pardoned two enormous white-plumed turkeys from Minnesota on Monday, granting Liberty and Bell freedom from Thanksgiving dinner tables as Americans prepared for their annual feasts.With schoolchildren squealing in delight from the audience on the South Lawn of the White House, Biden took part in an annual…
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Post LinkBy Kylie Atwood 3 minute read Published 10:44 AM EST, Wed November 30, 2022US considering designating Russian mercenary group as a foreign terrorist organizationposted at 13:21:25 UTC via edition.cnn.comThe Biden administration is considering designating the Wagner Group, a Russian private military group, as a foreign terrorist organization…
posted 23h ago by Michael Novakhov (Mike Nova) via The News And Times

Michael Novakhov’s favorite articles on Inoreader Image of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Credit: TPYXA_ILLUSTRATION/Shutterstock. The Hamas-Russia connection – -By JOSEPH FRAGERposted at 19:24:45 UTC via 19, 2023 / JNS)The Oct. 7 Hamas massacre will never be forgotten. It has been forever seared on to the heart and soul…
posted 1d ago by Michael Novakhov (Mike Nova) via The News And Times

Vəkil Bəhruz Bayramov: “Nərmanov məhkəməsində həbs qətimkan tədbirini 3 ay uzatdılar. O, məhkəmədə çox çətinliklə dururdu. Bundan şikayət verəcəyik. Səhhətində ağırlaşma var. Artıq ona insulin vururlar, şəkəri normallaşdıra bilmirlər.”. Ətraflı:— AbzasMedia (@AbzasMedia) November 16, 2023
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#Azerbaijan: a search is underway at @AbzasMedia offices & its director @UlviHasanli, who covers corruption of @presidentaz and high-ranking officials, has been arrested. RSF protests against this unacceptable pressure on independent media and calls for his immediate release.— RSF (@RSF_inter) November 20, 2023
posted 22h ago by @RSF_inter via (@mikenov) / Twitter POTUS #DOJ DOJ #FBI FBI #CIA CIA #DIA DIA #ODNI ODNI #News #Times #NewsAndTimes #NT #TNT Putin Russia #Putin #Russia #GRU GRU #Israel Israel #World World #USA USAThe News And Times |…— Michael Novakhov (@mikenov) November 20, 2023
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Saved Web Pages Review – Full Text Articles – In 200 Audio Posts: US considering designating Russian mercenary group as a foreign terrorist organization – 10:15 AM 11/20/2023— Michael Novakhov (@mikenov) November 20, 2023
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Satirist Kidnapped?— Michael Novakhov (@mikenov) November 20, 2023
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Secretary Mayorkas Announces Establishment of Homeland Intelligence Experts Group | Homeland Security— Michael Novakhov (@mikenov) November 20, 2023
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As this Perspective details, there is ample evidence to suggest that Wagner engages in an ongoing pattern of serious cross-border criminal activity. the US Designation of the Wagner Group as a Transnational Criminal Organisation…— Michael Novakhov (@mikenov) November 20, 2023
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Russia-Ukraine cyber escalation: Ukrainian ‘hacktivists’ battle …  KSJD
6 in 10 Trump voters say there’s a ‘chance’ they choose another …  The Hill
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Military says suspects being interrogated at new facility in southern Israel; other Gazans said willingly providing intel on Hamas activities in unprecedented numbers The post IDF: Some 300 Gaza terrorists questioned, give vital details on Hamas bases in hospitals appeared first on The Times of Israel.
posted 20h ago via The Times of Israel
Exclusive: Turkish First Lady Warns Israel Has Crossed ‘Red Line’ in …  Newsweek

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy has held a meeting with Secretary of Defense of the United States of America Lloyd Austin, who arrived on a visit to Kyiv, the press service of the head of the Ukrainian state reports.
posted 20h ago via Interfax-Ukraine
UK intel flags Russian military morale cracks amid family protests decrying ‘indefinite’ front duty  Yahoo Canada Finance
Two people were shot and killed Sunday night outside a Walmart in south Anchorage, and police say they are searching for a suspect.
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G7 nations announce a unified stance on Israel-Hamas war after …  Arab News Pakistan
Ukraine fires top cybersecurity officials  TechCrunch
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Judge to stream Idaho murder suspect’s hearings, media banned from recording video  KHQ Right Now
Bryan Kohberger case: Idaho judge seizes control of courtroom cameras in student murders proceedings  Fox News
Clarence Page: Beware, Donald Trump is letting his inner dictator slip out  The Daily Freeman

U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin (right) is welcomed by U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink as he arrives in Kyiv by train on November 20. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told President Volodymyr Zelenskiy on November 20 that the United States was in “for the long haul” in its support for Kyiv as Ukraine continues…
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Release Date: September 19, 2023 Experts Group to provide advice and perspectives on intelligence and national security efforts to the Office of Intelligence and Analysis and the Office of Counterterrorism Coordinator to support DHS’ vital work to protect our country WASHINGTON – Today, U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro…
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The Biden administration is considering designating the Wagner Group, a Russian private military group, as a foreign terrorist organization amid ongoing efforts to impose costs on Russia for the Ukraine war, a US official said. No final decision has been made, and it is unclear how far out the administration…
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A simple typo means millions of emails meant for the U.S. military are about to fall into the hands of Mali, a pro-Russia state in West Africa, the Financial Times reported on Monday. The so-called “typo leak” is the result of people misspelling the suffix used at the end of all U.S. military email addresses: While the military uses .MIL, the country…
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President Biden recently stated he would deny congressional resolutions to designate Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism. The president’s response comes amid a broader discussion of how to counter the Kremlin’s defiance of international norms and disregard for human rights. While designating Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism is fraught with…
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Sky News host Caleb Bond says pro-Palestinian protesters have “targeted” New South Wales Premier Chris Minns’ office. Mr Bond says the protesters were “not content” with their protests all over the weekend. “They had to go direct to his Kogarah electorate office didn’t they.” “If you’ve got the time on a Monday afternoon at about three o’clock…
posted 1d ago by Sky News Australia via SkyNewsAustralia

President Biden celebrates the 76th anniversary of the National Thanksgiving Turkey presentation, reflect upon the time-honored traditions of Thanksgiving, and wish American families a safe and healthy holiday. The White House
posted 1d ago by The White House via The White House

An Olympia, Wash., man in his 40s was arrested in connection to the disappearance of Karen Koep and her partner, Davido. Authorities say they believe the couple knew the suspect and they don’t believe the pair survived the attack at their home. KING’s Julie Calhoun shares the latest as questions remain about the couple’s whereabouts. » Subscribe…
posted 1d ago by NBC News via NBC News

The Israeli army has released video from the security cameras of al-Shifa hospital in Gaza, showing what they say are Israeli hostages being brought in by Hamas militants, on the day of the 7th October attacks. 📻 Listen to Times Radio – 📍 Subscribe to our channel –…
posted 1d ago by Times Radio via Times Radio

The Israel army claims to have found a 55 meter fortified Hamas tunnel under the al-Shifa hospital. Hamas denies that they have been operating out of the hospital. 📻 Listen to Times Radio – 📍 Subscribe to our channel – 🗞 Subscribe to…
posted 1d ago by Times Radio via Times Radio

The Hamas-run health ministry in Gaza says at least 12 people have been killed in an Israeli airstrike in the Palestinian territory. A spokesman for the ministry said the strike hit the Indonesian hospital in the north of the Gaza Strip.The report comes after Israel’s military carried out another night of operations inside Gaza. Explosions and flares…
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Путь социалистов и коммунистов во власти – пропаганда, цензура, репрессии. ПОМОЩЬ КАНАЛУ Borovoy Live: PayPal – 00:00 Сбор республиканцев 03:15 Интересы граждан США 05:20 Вина Байдена, демократы все понимают 08:15 Провалы демократов, у них нет будущего. Пропаганда, цензура, репрессии. 13:10 Проникают на территорию США террористы,…
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Last week US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said that the Treasury Department will designate the private military company (PMC) Wagner Group as a transnational criminal organisation (TCO). Western states and institutions have explored a variety of legal mechanisms against Wagner in recent years, including terrorism designations and sanctions for…
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Armenia and Azerbaijan speak different diplomatic languages, Armenia’s leader says  AOLThe post Armenia and Azerbaijan speak different diplomatic languages, Armenia’s leader says – AOL first appeared on The South Caucasus News.
posted 1d ago by Mike Nova via The South Caucasus News
Руководитель азербайджанского издания «Abzas Media» Ульви Гасанли, предположительно был похищен полицейскими по дороге в бакинский аэропорт. Об этом изданию «Кавказский узел» сообщила главный редактор издания «Abzas Media» Севиндж Вагифгызы. Согласно ее сообщению, сегодня Ульви Гасанли должен был вылететь за рубеж, однако в самолете его не оказалось….
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Министр обороны США Ллойд Остин прибыл в Киев. «Сегодня я здесь, чтобы передать важное сообщение — Соединенные Штаты будут продолжать поддерживать Украину в их борьбе за свободу против агрессии России, как сейчас, так и в будущем», — говорится в сообщении Остина в X. По словам главы Пентагона, он планирует провести встречи с украинским руководством….
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The post AP Headline News – Nov 20 2023 05:00 (EST) first appeared on The South Caucasus News.
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Translated from Russian Haaretz: IDF ignored female soldiers’ reports of Hamas attack | Incidents | Arguments and Facts…Moscow, November 20 – AiF-Moscow. The activity of fighters of the Palestinian Hamas movement was known even before the attack on… — Michael Novakhov (@mikenov) November 20, 2023 The post @mikenov: Translated…
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The practice of overclassifying documents, of recklessly branding information as classified, even when it doesn’t warrant such extreme secrecy is a national security risk. #CIA #topsecret #classified #nationalsecurity #security #usa — Robert Morton (@Robert4787) November 14, 2023 The post @Robert4787:…
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Ethics of Spying. A Reader for the Intelligence Professional (Volume 3) – new book out now #CIA #HUMINT #Surveillance #intellbooks @RLPGBooks — intellbooks (@intellbooks) November 15, 2023 The post @intellbooks: RT by @mikenov: Ethics of Spying. A Reader for the Intelligence Professional (Volume 3) – new book out now #CIA…
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This article is pure BS. For a decade now, the CIA bans discrimination on sexual orientation and gender identity- CIA LGBTQ operatives are overseas and doing quite well protecting and keeping Americans out of harm’s way. #CIA #Inclusion #Diversity #LGBTQ — Robert Morton (@Robert4787) November 12, 2023 The post @Robert4787: RT…
posted 1d ago by Mike Nova via The Puerto Rico Times

by Ken Schwencke ProPublica is a nonprofit newsroom that investigates abuses of power. Sign up to receive our biggest stories as soon as they’re published. …
posted 1d ago by by Ken Schwencke via Articles and Investigations – ProPublica
Many former Trump aides say he shouldn’t be president. Will it matter?  The Washington Post
US Defense Secretary Austin makes unannounced visit to Ukraine  KRQE News 13
posted 1d ago via “kyiv” – Google News
Pentagon chief meets Zelensky to reassure Ukraine over US support amid Gaza war  South China Morning Post
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Mold, pests and rodents in the home can lead to life-threatening asthma attacks in kids. Increasingly, doctors see this as a medical issue that requires legal intervention.(Image credit: Eric Lee for NPR)
posted 1d ago by Maria Godoy via News : NPR

It’s a tradition that ironically features an American president sanctioning an event sponsored by a lobbying group, which advocates the opposite of what actually takes place at said event.(Image credit: Jacquelyn Martin/AP)
posted 1d ago by Domenico Montanaro via News : NPR

Lawyers for former President Trump and the special counsel team argued before a federal appeals court in Washington about the scope of a gag order lodged against him.(Image credit: Frank Franklin II/AP)
posted 1d ago by Carrie Johnson via News : NPR
Fiercely loyal and compassionate as well as politically astute, Rosalynn Carter prided herself on being an activist first lady while no one doubted her behind-the-scenes influence.
posted 1d ago via World News | Euronews RSS

Israel, the US and Qatar, which mediates with Hamas, have been negotiating a hostage release agreement for weeks. Reporting from Jerusalem, Jordana Miller says the sides are negotiating logistical issues and there were hopes for breakthrough later this week. #Israel #Hamas #hostages 🔔 Subscribe to France 24 now: 🔴 LIVE – Watch…
posted 1d ago by FRANCE 24 English via FRANCE 24 English

Tech company creates advanced new artificial intelligence team as Twitch’s Emmett Shear joins OpenAIAltman’s OpenAI exit leads to rollercoaster for sectorOpenAI staff threaten walkout unless Altman is reinstatedMicrosoft has hired Sam Altman as head of a new advanced artificial intelligence team after attempts to reinstate him as chief executive of…
posted 1d ago by Dan Milmo and Josh Taylor via World news | The Guardian
It’s a big risk to decrease the NYPD: Cutting back on cops harmed …  New York Daily News
posted 1d ago via “nypd” – Google News
No, you’re not that good at detecting fake videos – New Hampshire …  New Hampshire Bulletin

At least twelve people were killed in direct Israeli strikes on northern Gaza’s Indonesian Hospital, as per an Al Jazeera report. The Palestinian health ministry said it fears Israeli forces will repeat what they did at al-Shifa Hospital. The former head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps has warned that “new war fronts” could open if Israel continues…
posted 1d ago by CRUX via CRUX

A verdict is expected in a maxi-trial against the ‘ndrangheta crime syndicate, the Calabrian-based mob organization that has exploited tens of billions of dollars in cocaine revenues. The trial involves 300 defendants and has been held in a specially constructed bunker. Investigators said the ‘ndrangheta has established bases in much of western, northern…
posted 1d ago by CRUX via CRUX

Fierce fighting continuous between Israeli and Hamas in the Gaza strip on Monday as a hostage deal looms. Rockets flew out of Gaza as Israeli artillery and airstrikes continued pounding Hamas positions in the Gaza strip. About 240 hostages were taken during a deadly cross-border rampage into Israel by Hamas terrorists on Oct. 7. U.S. and Israeli…
posted 1d ago by The Sun via The Sun
EDF colonel: Ukraine’s troop losses several times lower than Russia’s  ERR News

О тренировках бойцов ХАМАС было известно задолго до нападения на Израиль 7 октября.
‘Askold’: Zelensky Confirms Destruction of Major Russian Warship  Kyiv Post
Economic punishments for the Ukraine invasion are still too easy to avoid, some lawmakers say.
posted 1d ago via World News | Euronews RSS

Russian troops are all set to attack Ukraine with its missiles. Russian troops launched Iskander missiles and fire mortars against Ukraine. The video was released by Russian Defence Ministry. Troops were seen using an Iskander ballistic missile to target Ukrainian positions. #russiaukrainewar #ukraine #wionlive About Channel: WION The World…
posted 1d ago by WION via WION

Thousands of Palestinians who fled Israeli bombing in Northern Gaza, are now facing severe hunger in the south. The Israeli siege is preventing food and water supplies from reaching those in need. With no fuel, many are resorting to burning firewood to cook. Al Jazeera’s Laura Khan reports. Subscribe to our channel…
posted 1d ago by Al Jazeera English via Al Jazeera English
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