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Puerto Rico News – from PR Tribune: Minister Marion Hall Embraces Her ‘God Bless Body’

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Minister Marion Hall is pushing back at her critics who suggest that she showed covered up her body.

The former Queen of Dancehall turn pastor, and gospel singer has been butting heads with some fans and members of the church recently. Hall, formerly Lady Saw, appears to have backtracked on her recent announcement that she is quitting online preaching due to negative comments. It’s no secret that social media can get quite troublesome if you don’t have thick skin.

Additionally, she is dealing with severe pushback from church leaders who are blocking her from performing at churches, something she likens to years ago when she was banned from performing in some parishes in Jamaica.

During her Livestream ceremony on Sunday, Minister Marion Hall addresses her body shamers, making sure to point out that her body is natural and “God bless.”

“You will not stop me from praising him, you will not stop me from dressing up and these are mine,” Hall said while embrasing her breasts. “A fimme dem, a fi mi dem, A fimme dem yes a God gimme dem. Bless body! So I cannot do anything about them. I cover them up I do everything… I can’t do anything to tighten up myself so mi cyan lift up mi hand. I have to praise him.”

“A bless body it’s mine so cuss me for it I did no enhancement I didn’t enhance nothing,” Hall continues. “So if you have a problem I care zero. I going tell you about the bless body that God has given me and I you have a problem with your body, your color, your hair, I care zero am not watching you.”

Hall added, “If you have a problem with my bless body talk to God about it.”

Some fans were quick to accuse her of shading the Queen of Dancehall Spice, who herself is dealing with accusations that she recently did more surgeries on her body that triggered a medical emergency while she was in the Dominican Republic. Spice has denied the allegations, but some fans are still not convinced.

Minister Marion Hall is booked to perform at the 2023 Reggae Sumfest, marking her first return to the big stage in almost a decade. She is also booked for a performance at Grooving in the Park in New York City.

Puerto Rico News – from PR Tribune

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