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Puerto Rico News – from PR Tribune: Michael Rainey Jr. Joins 50 Cent In Trolling Lil Meech Over Arrest Video

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50 Cent is not just mentoring the young actors on his Powerverse, but his addiction to internet trolling is also rubbing off on them, especially Michael Rainey Jr, aka Tariq St. Patrick, and Lil Meech, real name Demetrius Flenory Jr.

Earlier this month, a video surfaced of the BMF star getting into some trouble at the airport. The clip went viral not just because of who he and his father are but primarily because of how he handled the situation.

According to reports, a firearm was discovered in his bags while going through security checkpoint at the airport on December 13, 2022. Someone found the video of his encounter with TSA and posted it online, and it quickly went viral. Some folks online thought that for an actor, he was too nervous handling the situation where he told officers he was a minor. 50 Cent also felt he might’ve still been in character as Big Meech on Fifty’s hit TV series BMF, a chronicle of the famed Black Mafia Family story.

Michael Rainey Jr., who has a little rivalry going on with Lil Meech over which TV show is better, reenacted the video in a spoof at the airport and posted it on his IG account. “Bro, chill, don’t search me,” the Power Book II: Ghost actor joked as TSA agents looked on in hilarity. “I’m a minor. He packed my backpack.”

50 Cent couldn’t resist re-posting the videos on his Instagram and shared his reaction, obviously egging them on without taking sides. “Oh sh*t @lilmeechbmf LOL @michaelraineyjr Just chose Violence,” Fifty wrote in the caption.

Lil Meech was arrested at the Fort Lauderdale Airport in Florida back in December last year after security uncovered a prohibited weapon in his carry-on luggage. 50 Cent also joked about Meech’s mugshot, saying he was still in character.

“What the fvck ! LIL Meech didn’t hear them say cut,” Fif wrote.

Nevertheless, it appears that Meech will get off the case as his attorney, Bradford Cohen presented prosecutors with a license to carry, as well as a gun case and purchase receipts proving the firearm belonged to the actor’s bodyguard. The BMF star and his staff happened to have similar carry-on luggage, and he accidentally grabbed the wrong carry-on the day he was traveling.

Broward County prosecutors have since decided not to purpose the case further and also dropped the felony charge against Lil Meech based on the evidence his attorney provided.

Puerto Rico News – from PR Tribune

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