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Israel-Hamas conflict is an extension of Ukraine crisis: We may be closer to World War III than we think – Firstpost


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Zelenskiy Urges Congress to Pass Ukraine Aid or Risk Bigger War  Bloomberg
Ukrainian ambassador says world cannot ‘lose focus in one place or another’ in wake of Israel-Hamas war  The Hill
Russia’s defence ministry was later quoted by the country’s state-run news agencies as saying that 13 out of 15 Ukrainian missiles fired on the plant in the city of Kerch, eastern Crimea, were shot down, but a Russian ship was damaged.
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Washington has spent the better part of two years painstakingly building support for the U.S.-led international order after Russia flagrantly violated international law when it launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. But what success the U.S. has had in building support in the Global South for the rules-based order is coming apart…
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With the world’s attention shifting to the Israel-Hamas war, Ukraine fears it is being left behind as it continues a costly struggle against Russian forces and anxiously waits on Congress to pass another aid package before the winter sets in.  Ukraine was already concerned before the Gaza war broke out, after Congress failed to include funding for…
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Following Hamas’s surprise assault on Israel and the subsequent Israeli bombardments of Gaza, Jen Tao logged on to the Chinese social media platform Weibo to express her condolences for the thousands who had died on both sides of the conflict. “I thought I was going to find kind words for the victims, but instead I was shocked to see a lot of hateful…
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“Залив” — одно из крупнейших судостроительных предприятий в Восточной Европе, с 2020 года на нем ведется строительство кораблей для ВМФ России. Ошибка в тексте? Выделите ее мышкой и нажмите Ctrl + Enter Page 2 Предлагаем размещение Вашей рекламы на страницах сайта Каспаров.Ru. Мы работаем с самыми разными форматами: баннерная реклама, текстовые…
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Zelenskiy pushes US for more aid, invites Trump to Ukraine— Michael Novakhov (@mikenov) November 5, 2023
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The West should not fear Ukraine defeating Russia. This is an historic opportunity to improve security for the entire Eurasian land mass, if we can think/act decisively.— Ben Hodges (@general_ben) November 5, 2023
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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says Russia, Iran and North Korea are “throwing matches into” the long burning fire between Israel and Palestine by supporting Hamas in an exclusive interview with Meet the Press.
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“Homeland Security needs far better oversight before it embraces AI” (@TheHillOpinion)— The Hill (@thehill) November 5, 2023
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A co-owner of the Brooklyn construction company being scrutinized by the feds as part of a larger probe into Mayor Eric Adams’ fundraising has long flaunted a lavish, jet-setting lifestyle. Erden Arkan, the globe-trotting 74-year-old owner of KSK Construction Group in Williamsburg, regularly posts dispatches…
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The presidential office said Gen. Valery Zaluzhny’s declaration that the war is at a stalemate was helpful to the Russians.
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U.S. reaction: Diplomatic officials traveling the Middle East Saturday say headway has been made on pushing Israel toward a humanitarian pause in fighting, but there is still work to be done. A senior U.S. official said pressuring Hamas to release hostages is a central issue in talks with Israel that could be tied to a longer-term cease-fire.Aid: United…
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The U.S. secretary of state made the unannounced visit during a trip through the Middle East as he tries to contain the fallout from Israel’s war against Hamas.
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A Ukrainian missile strike hit a shipyard over the weekend in Crimea, dealing a blow to at least one of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s warships, the Kremlin claimed late Saturday. Some 15 cruise missiles rained down at the Saliva shipyard in Kerch, which is fixated about 600 miles south of Kyiv and is fixated…
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