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Inside Yevgeny Prigozhin’s Money-Making Machine – NYT … Russia’s Wagner is on the verge of getting involved in the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza – Web Review – 11:38 AM 11/18/2023


The man who led a rebellion against President Vladimir Putin built a multinational commercial enterprise that helped fund his military operations.


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6:01 AM 11/18/2023 – Post LinkRussia’s Wagner group prepares to send Hezbollah weapons amid clashes with Israel, US saysposted at 10:52:19 UTC via nypost.comRussia’s mercenary group is preparing to deliver an advanced air defense missile system to Hezbollah as the Lebanese militia group clashes with Israel, according to US intelligence.American officials…
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Israel agrees to allow ‘minimal’ two trucks of fuel a day into Gaza  Al Jazeera English
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Three fuel trucks cross into Gaza from Rafah  Al Arabiya English
France issues arrest warrant for Syria’s President Assad – source  Yahoo News UK
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I was raped by Brit ISIS ‘Beatle’ in Syria – he must face trial in the UK  The Sun
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The man who led a rebellion against President Vladimir Putin built a multinational commercial enterprise that helped fund his military operations.
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Prigozhin’s Men in Syria Reportedly Detained as Putin Cracks Down …  Newsweek
It’s business as usual for Wagner Group in Africa, despite Russian …  Israel Hayom
How Wagner’s Khasham ‘Massacre’ Hints at Group’s Future Role  Newsweek
Why the Wagner Group Cannot Be Easily Absorbed by the Russian …  Russia Matters
Russia disrupts Wagner in Syria as Moscow tries to subsume group’s operation: Reports  Al Arabiya English
Nov. 2: US says it sees ‘no indication’ Hezbollah is set to join Israel-Hamas war  The Times of Israel
Russian Wagner Group Will Send Air Defense Systems To …  i24NEWS
Report: US concerned Hezbollah could get air defense system from Wagner Group  The Times of Israel

Subscribers only Surveillance & Interception 04.10.2023 Subscribers only Government Intelligence 06.06.2023 Subscribers only Government Intelligence 21.09.2022 Subscribers only Government Intelligence 23.05.2022
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Information missteps have led to questions about Israel’s credibility  NBC News
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Netanyahu says Israel preparing for Gaza ground invasion but won’t …  BBC

RIYADH: Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan discussed with European Union foreign policy official Josep Borrell developments in the situation in Gaza on Saturday. The two officials discussed the latest developments in the Gaza Strip, as well as military escalation in the region, in a meeting on the sidelines of the IISS Manama Security…
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BEIRUT: Hezbollah and Israel traded rocket and missile fire in areas near the Lebanese-Israeli border on Saturday, officials on both sides said, in the latest flare-up of violence which the United States worries will cause conflict to spiral in the Middle East.The Iran-backed Hezbollah said it shot down an Israeli drone near the border in the early…
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How the US strikes a delicate balance in responding to attacks on its forces by Iran-backed militias  KFOR Oklahoma City
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Wagner Group in Syria – GS— Michael Novakhov (@mikenov) November 18, 2023
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Israel-Hamas War: ‘U.S. Jews Now See Israel as an At-risk, Dependent Child’  Haaretz
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Jordan’s foreign minister offers blistering criticism of Israel as its war on Hamas rages on  The Associated Press
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The Israel-Hamas war is driving a surge in US hate crimes. These Jewish Americans say it’s changing the way they live  CNN
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Israeli airstrikes kill 32 in south Gaza amid calls for civilians to flee  CNBC
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Germany’s Scholz criticises Israel’s settlements in occupied West Bank  Reuters

About 20 thousand marchers will arrive in the coming hours to Israel’s capital. Representatives of the families will meet with the ministers Gantz and Eisenkot, but want to also meet with Netanyahu.
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‘A lot of discontent’: Netanyahu alone as Israel turns on wartime PM  Al Jazeera English
US Forces Attacked 151 Times in Iraq, Syria During Biden Presidency  Voice of America – VOA News
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Hamas is the Palestinian Wagner Group  Israel Hayom

On Aug. 22, 2023, unidentified armed assailants fired on a Minusma convoy en route from Gao to Ménaka, in eastern Mali, in the same week that another convoy was attacked, leaving four peacekeepers from Burkina Faso wounded. That convoy was heading from a camp in the north, called Ber, and heading to Timbuktu amid the UN peacekeeping mission’s overall…
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Is Russia Behind Hamas Attack on Israel? What We Know  Newsweek
Gaza and Ukraine are part of Putin’s world war  The Hill
Israel: Thousands call for Benjamin Netanyahu’s resignation in Tel …  The National – Wagner Group and Gaza war – News Review – RSS Page | Russia’s Wagner is on the verge of getting involved in the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza. … Russia’s Wagner group prepares to send Hezbollah weapons amid clashes with Israel, US says … Wagner…— Michael Novakhov (@mikenov) November 18, 2023…
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Israel investigates sexual violence committed by Hamas as part of October 7 horror  CNN
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Experts Say Hamas Used North Korean Weapons: What It Means for …  Air & Space Forces Magazine
In a shift, US Jewish lawmakers ramp up criticism of Israel’s war on Hamas in Gaza  The Times of Israel
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Erdogan’s Germany Visit Overshadowed by Israel-Hamas War Talks with Chancellor Scholz  BollyInside
Irish citizens fleeing Gaza arrive at Dublin Airport

Reserve soldiers from abroad drop everything to help out their country.
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No anomalies in Germany’s aid to Palestinians — Foreign Ministry  Arab News
Russia’s Plans For Libya Could Shift Regional Power Balance …  Eurasia Review
Gaza city population flees, new images show  USA TODAY
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Gaza ceasefire demonstration blocks Washington train station  The New Arab
Shifa Hospital Evacuated; Israel Denies Giving Order  Voice of America – VOA News
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Jonah Goldberg: Israel and Ukraine? Americans should remember it’s the same war on two fronts
In a Worldwide War of Words, Russia, China and Iran Back Hamas  Yahoo News
Israel Tells Palestinians to Leave 4 Southern Gaza Towns  Voice of America – VOA News
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‘Look us in the eye!’: 30000 join Gaza hostages’ families on final march into Jerusalem  The Times of Israel
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US official says Gaza pause hinges on Hamas releasing hostages  Financial Times
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How the US Strikes a Delicate Balance in Responding to Attacks on its Forces by Iran-Backed Militias
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On October 12-14, 2023, Facebook users shared a video of armed fighters (1,2,3), which, according to the description, depicts the first moments of the Hamas attack on Israel, and in the video, the Russian speech can be heard, namely, the word “Прикрывайте” (cover-up). The video was actively distributed by Russian-language Facebook users (1,2,3,4)….
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Kyiv, Ukraine – When Hamas attacked Israel on October 7, the world’s attention shifted from the Russian-Ukrainian war to the Middle East conflict. As the new war flared, Ukrainian officials and some observers were quick to accuse Moscow of meddling and even graver allegations – that it was supplying the Palestinian group with weapons.list of 4 itemslist…
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Introduction Hamas’s surprise October 7, 2023 terror attack, in which over 1,400 were brutally murdered and another 241 (at last count) taken hostage, will go down in infamy. As Hamas leader abroad Khaled Mashal boasted on October 26 on Egypt’s Sada Elbalad TV, the Russians told him that this attack would be taught in military academies.[1] In the…
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At least 16 Russian citizens died as a result of Hamas’s attack on Israel on 7 October, but Moscow did not condemn Hamas directly. And while the Kremlin labels some of its own—peaceful—political opponents as terrorists, it did not give this designation to Hamas. Instead, President Vladimir Putin blamed US policies for the current Middle East crisis….
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Thousands called on Benjamin Netanyahu to resign during a demonstration in Tel Aviv (Image: Ohad Zwigenberg/AP) THOUSANDS of protesters gathered in Tel Aviv calling on Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to resign. Footage on social media showed people, including the friends and families of Hamas hostages, gathered…
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Earlier this week, South Korean officials and independent expert analysts said the militant group Hamas likely used North Korean weaponry in its surprise attack on Israel on Oct. 7, based on images and video evidence. Among the North Korean-made arms found in the attack were F-7 rocket-propelled grenades (RPG) and 122mm artillery shells. A video examined…
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#Kanal13 #likekanal13 #subscribekanal13 #warinukraine – SUBSCRIBE TO US! Andriy Yusov, a representative of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine, in an interview with RBC-Ukraine, revealed that Russia is using terrorist attacks on Israel as a component of its war against Ukraine. In particular,…
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The Israel-Hamas conflict is set to take a dangerous turn with Russia’s paramilitary, Wagner Group, announcing its interest in providing high-tech air defence support to Hezbollah, according to a new report. A man mounts a flag of Wagner group on top of an old tank exhibited at the Leninist Komsomol park in Donetsk, Russian-controlled Ukraine,…
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As Ukrainian cruise missiles and sea drones pound Crimea day after day, Russia quietly resorts to plan B: building a 250-mile railroad to supply food, fuel and ammunition to its troops entrenched in southern Ukraine.Over the last decade, Russia turned Crimea into a massive aircraft carrier in the Black Sea. Two years ago, Russia used the peninsula…
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Russia’s Wagner is on the verge of getting involved in the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza. The Wall Street Journal reported that the U.S. officials are worried that Wagner might send the SA-22 (Pantsir-S1) air defence system to help Hezbollah in its fight against Israel from Lebanon. The report added that no such transfer has happened till now and American…
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Russia’s Wagner Group Plans to Send Air Defenses to Hezbollah, U.S. Says
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Russia’s mercenary group is preparing to deliver an advanced air defense missile system to Hezbollah as the Lebanese militia group clashes with Israel, according to US intelligence. American officials are currently monitoring discussions between the Wagner mercenary group and Lebanon’s Hamas-supporting militia…
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Information Cutoff: 2:00 pm ESTContributor: James CaryThe Iran Update provides insights into Iranian and Iranian-sponsored activities abroad that undermine regional stability and threaten US forces and interests. It also covers events and trends that affect the stability and decision-making of the Iranian regime. The Critical Threats Project (CTP)…
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Чем чреваты разногласия в США и Европе по поводу помощи Украине? Долго ли продолжит укрепляться рубль? Что в новом пакете санкций от ЕС? Почему машины в России дорожают и стареют? Это новый выпуск «Наличное мнение с Денисом Елаховским». 00:00 Интро 00:33 Шатдаун и помощь Украине 04:13 Что будет с рублём? 06:50 Россия рекордно зарабатывает на продаже…
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James Brooke: With Crimea bridge crippled, Russia forced to rethink …  Berkshire Eagle
The UN stops delivery of food and supplies to Gaza as a communications blackout hinders coordination  CNBC
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Israel-Hamas war: Communications blackout ends, raises hope for aid resumption  The Associated Press
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IDF generals warn: Israeli soldiers’ conduct in Gaza endangers forces  The Jerusalem Post
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Some 30,000 join families of Gaza hostages on final leg of march to Jerusalem  The Times of Israel
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FILE PHOTO Hungarian police using pepper spray on migrants at the border (Image: Getty )Europe’s borders have started to look like a warzone with heavily armed guards facing-off against Taliban-backed people smuggling gangs carrying assault rifles.Recent footage taken on the Serbia-Hungary border, an area dubbed a no-man’s land, showed a man carrying…
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Migrants storm borders with slingshots and ladders as Taliban take …  Express
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Ukrainian Air Force: nine out of ten Shahed drones shot, Russian tactics remain unchanged  Yahoo News
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Risch urges continued support for Ukraine at Halifax International …  The Spokesman Review

Ukraine’s Air Force said it shot down 29 of the 38 Iranian-made Shahed drones fired by Russia — the highest reported number of drones launched by Russia in an overnight attack since Sept. 30.— The Moscow Times (@MoscowTimes) November 18, 2023
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The anchor pushed back at Scott Gessler after he declared that the former president made one effort to “prevent” violence at the Capitol.
In the suit moved to federal court Monday, producer Jason Donner said he was part of a “purge” of employees who refused to only report information …

Explosion rings out and smoke rises in the northern Gaza Strip, seen from Sderot in Israel, on the 43rd day of the war between Israel and Hamas. Interested in licensing this video ? Get in touch 👉 N.B.: AFP’s services and content are for professional use only
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Pacific Rim leaders have shown divisions over the wars in Ukraine and Gaza after a two-day summit of the Apec forum, while pledging support for reform of the World Trade Organization.The 21 economies that make up the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum – among them Russia, China, the US and Australia – did not mention either conflict in their final…
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TALLINN, Estonia (AP) — The Russian Justice Ministry on Friday said it has filed a lawsuit with the nation’s Supreme Court to outlaw the LGBTQ+ “international public movement” as extremist, the latest crippling blow against the already beleaguered LGBTQ+ community in the increasingly conservative country. The ministry said in an online statement announcing…
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Sometime toward the end of 1998, arch-terrorist Yahya Sinwar, then a prisoner in an Israeli prison, came up with a novel idea. With two cellmates, Hamas terrorists, Rouhi Moushtahaand Tawfik Abu Naim, Sinwar planned to kidnap an Israeli soldier from the Gaza Strip – then still under full IDF control and, through a tunnel, smuggle him into Egypt.<<…
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