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Puerto Rico News – from PR Tribune: Blueface Caught Chrisean Rock Trying To Set His House On Fire

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Chrisean Rock and Blueface are back again after she threatened to break up with him, and he went on an extensive rant online claiming that he does not want to be a father to her child.

The drama between the reality tv couple is unending as Rock enters her second trimester and is visibly pregnant now.

It seems that despite Rock saying she was fed up, she wasn’t quite fed up as she was seen on a video posted by Blueface walking barefoot with shorts and a big t-shirt while the fire alarm in his house was blaring. According to Blueface, Rock started a fire in his home leading to ash being in the house.

“That’s what you gone do with a newborn baby on the way, set the house on fire…Child protective custody gon have a ball with you, I must say you making this too much easily,” Blueface said.

The pair seemed to have fallen out after she performed by herself at an event over the weekend, and Blueface retaliated by returning to his first baby mother’s house while he trashed talked Rock to their collective amusement.

Earlier this week, Rock seemingly hinted that she was prepared to go through her pregnancy alone as she shared an update with fans showing her getting her baby check-ups.

She shared a video of Blueface in the room as they confirmed the pregnancy and said her pregnancy was “super overwhelming” because of Blueface’s current attitude to her.

“This pregnancy was planned but now he don’t see a future with me anymore we both done things to each other tht we lost trust so I was left with option aborting I was surprised I’m tht far along that it’s no turning back from being a mommy I instantly fell in love wen I saw the face n heard the heart beat,” she captioned the post on Instagram.

Blueface also responded in cryptic tweets where he seemingly responded to Rock.

“The bih knew what time it was when she clocked in,” he wrote.

This led to a back and forth on Twitter, with a pregnant Chrisean Rock saying that she was ready to move on and go through the pregnancy and life alone because she was tired of Blueface disrespecting her.

“F### everybody [that] gotta issue with me,” she wrote. “F### a weird n#### that likes to tweet about a female he say ‘I love you’ to every day. We gave each other that space now let me be.”

Blueface also went on rants on Instagram, where he shared that Rock had proposed that when the baby is born, she wants to shoot Baddies East, and she wanted Blueface to keep the baby since she brings in the money in the relationship.

Blueface appeared in disagreement and said on video with his oldest son that he doesn’t even keep his own son for a full 24 hours while his baby’s mother, Jaidyn Alexis, giggled in the background.

He also went on to post that he didn’t want a child with Rock and posted a video that Rock was 20 weeks but was out twerking and “shaking the baby around.”

“Lil cuz not even safe in the womb Im stressed out fr and y’all think it’s funny,” he captioned a video of Rock twerking.

“I don’t want it,” he said in another post.

Blueface’s mother also popped out to take shots at Rock and mocked her for the situation she was in without being married.

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