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Caribbean Journal: A Must-Visit Music Festival on Cat Island in The Bahamas

It’s the original musical art form of The Bahamas: Rake ’N Scrape, the percussive, energetic pulse of the 700-island archipelago. 

The ingredients are simple: an accordion, a drum and a hand saw; the sound is bold and sonorous, a lively, rhythmic, enchanting sound, one you can’t help but dance to. 

It’s the music of Bahamian legends like Ronnie Butler and Eddie Minis, of centuries of Bahamian culture. 

And it was born on Cat Island. 

Every year, devotees of the art form gather on Cat Island for the annual Rake N Scrape Festival, which is making its return next month. 

The 2023 edition of the Rake N Scrape Festival is set for May 31-June 5, a unique musical celebration that includes legends of the genre and some contemporary music stars and DJS. 

This year’s event, set in Arthur’s Town, will feature a range of performances. 

In another boost, the island will have its second annual Cat Island Rake ’N Scrape Boat Cruise, a music-filled maritime party that includes performances by both Eoby and Yogi, with music by DJ Untouchable and DJ Chubbzz. (Tickets are $35)

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