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Caribbean Journal: How to Plan the Ultimate Caribbean Luxury Vacation

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In the age of social distancing, travelers are placing a premium on privacy — both in their transportation and their accommodations. 

And that’s the reasoning behind the launch of leading luxury villa rental company WIMCO’s new WIMCO Prive’ concierge travel service. 

WIMCO Prive’ works with WIMCO’s longtime partner, Tradewind Aviation, to plan each aspect of the ultimate Caribbean luxury vacation. 

It gives travelers the ability to arrange a “private, luxury and crowd-free travel experience” from their home airports right to the Caribbean, with private aviation on each leg of the trip and a private villa for the vacation itself. 

st barth tradewind
Tradewind is the most luxurious way to travel to St Barth.

When transfers are required to smaller airports on private islands, WIMCO will arrange “wing to wing” transfers, avoiding airport terminals entirely, the company says. 

In the age of social distancing, access to private aviation and private villas helps in “reducing the risk of contracting a virus while away from home,” according to Stiles Bennet, president of WIMCO. 

A sample itinerary might be taking a private jet from Westchester to St Barth via San Juan, for a stay in a villa or a yacht in St Barth. 

Or a getaway from Philadelphia direct  to Anguilla for a family beach getaway. 

WIMCO Prive’ gives travelers the choice of private jets for parties of any size — from light jets of six to seven passengers to airliners for 60 passengers. 

WIMCO Prive’ can also request quotes on chartering private yachts. 

For more, visit WIMCO Prive’

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