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Puerto Rico Tribune: Joe Budden Reacts To Outraged Over Condom Stealthing Confession

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Joe Budden is not sorry about his latest condom confession that led to his podcast allegedly being struck from DSPs.

In an episode from the podcast last week, Budden admitted that he faked putting on a condom and fooled his partner whom he had sex with. “Even I’ve done walked in the corner and faked like I was putting a condom on before,” Joe Budden said with a laugh. “That sh** be working. They’re none the wiser!” he said in an audio clip that was originally shared by the Shaderoom.

When asked about it, he continued, “Yes, I did that, one thousand per cent. That was my poor execution of my plan after I mastered it, which was to just bust through the lamb skin. Let me go find the thinnest condom in the world and bust [through it].”

Joe Budden, however, didn’t see anything wrong with what he did, especially after one of his co-hosts referred to him as a “sicko.” “Nah, I used to be. Please don’t misrepresent me,” he replied.

As news spread of the audio, Budden later doubled down about his statement and called the outrage by women a ploy against him as a black man. “Y’all really want all Black men in jail lol,” he wrote in the comments section of a Shaderoom post on Twitter.


The response received more than 3000 likes, although almost 40,000 people initially interacted with the post, and thousands of others decried his statements. Many people were disgusted by Budden’s comments and called him out.

“This ain’t the first time he’s admitted to these kinds of things he’s literally sexually assaulted a podcast member of his “network” before,” another person claimed.

“Stealthing…the actual term for removing a condom with consent. Wow just wow smh,” another said.

Joe Budden’s latest comments add to his past controversial statements about masturbating his dogs. He has also been accused by two of his ex-girlfriends Tahiry Jose and ex-fiancée Cyn Santana of abuse. He has denied the abuse allegations.

Last year, he was also accused by his employee DJ Olivia Dope of sexual harassment, part of which was shown on a podcast where the former rapper, while hugging Dope, wiggled his hips area on Dope’s body. He has apologize to Olivia Dope.

In the meantime, many men only defended Joey’s comments as just jokes, while some even admitted that they had done similar things when they were younger.

“I don’t think it should matter to anyone but the person who it may have effected (if any). Alotta of us would be in hot water cornbread grease if we started admitting to stuff we did in our youth/immature era,” one of Budden’s supporters wrote on Twitter.

In any case, Joe Budden’s description of what he did is actually a sexual crime called “stealthing.” Stealthing is considered rape in some countries like the UK as it directly goes to consent, whereas the other party did not consent to unprotected sex.

In California, ‘stealthing’ is not a criminal offense, but an offended party may sue for damages in a civil suit.

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