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10:25 AM 10/31/2023 – Wray warns of increased terrorist threat, says U.S. is in a ‘dangerous period’


10:25 AM 10/31/2023 – Selected Articles – The News And Times

FBI Director Christopher Wray testifies before the House Homeland Security Committee on Nov. 15, 2022. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images FBI Director Christopher…
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The FBI warns of an increased terrorist threat  NPR
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The FBI director warns about threats to Americans by those inspired by the Hamas attack on Israel  WDIV ClickOnDetroit
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Video: Netanyahu Says Israel Will Not Accept a Cease-Fire With …  The New York Times
Israel’s war will not eliminate Hamas … it will eliminate Netanyahu  Middle East Monitor
UK’s Sunak Stresses to Israel’s Netanyahu Need Minimise Gaza Civilan Casualties  U.S. News & World Report
PM call with Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel : 31 October 2023  GOV.UK

Police officers responded to “disturbances” in Shuafat, Jerusalem, on Tuesday, October 31, according to Israel’s national police force. Israeli Police said on X, formerly Twitter, that officers were responding to reports of suspects approaching the Jerusalem security fence, which separates Shuafat from other territories in Jerusalem, and throwing…
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Cornell University calls in FBI to investigate anti-Semitic threats against students  The Telegraph
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Israel’s U.N. Ambassador Criticized for Wearing a Yellow Star of David  The New York Times
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Pro-Palestine supporters storm US hearing on £100 billion Israel aid

Former President Donald Trump’s rhetoric has regularly bordered on the incitement of violence. Lately, however, it has become even more violent. Yet both the press and the public have largely just shrugged their shoulders. As a political philosopher who studies extremism, I believe people should be more worried about this. Mark Milley, the outgoing…
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The Kremlin’s increasing use of Russian Orthodox priests as spies and propagandists is a security threat that the West should counter more decisively. Bulgaria and North Macedonia have expelled Russian and Belorussian clerics for acts contravening their national security, and in the US the FBI has warned Russian and Greek Orthodox churches that the…
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Praying for Putin: Spies in Cassocks Threaten the West  Center for European Policy Analysis
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The mystery Russian investor behind the restoration of the Sukhumi (Sukhum) airport has been revealed as the son of Rashid Nurgaliyev — Russia’s former interior minister and current First Deputy Secretary of the Russian Security Council. On Friday, Abkhazia’s Economy Ministry and Russia’s Economic Development Ministry announced that Infrastructural…
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Putin Ruling May Have Unintended Sanctions Consequences  Law360
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Kremlin shortens quarantine before meeting Putin as presidential elections approach  Fox News
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Spain’s Catholic bishops have apologized again for sex abuses committed by members following a report by the national ombudsman that accused the church of widespread negligence.
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Кирилл Мартынов: “Война в Украине прекратится, когда Путин перестанет быть президентом России”. Подпишитесь на канал Радио Свобода Включите уведомления о новых видео, нажав на значок колокольчика. #Путин #Украина #война
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Iran Says Proxies Won’t ‘Remain Silent’ On Israel-Hamas War  Barron’s
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